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Sinatra Varna

DUET EXPOSE / Sinatra Varna.


Date: 27.08.2020
Duration: 3 Days
Type: open


Date: 08.03.2024 / friday
Time: 22:00 h.

Еntrance: 20/25 BGN

Phone for reservations: +359 886 10 10 78


About the event

🌹 Women’s day – MARCH 8 with the special participation of the most attractive Bulgarian pop duo EXPOSE

Come and celebrate together the most feminine and beautiful holiday – March 8, with your favorite music, lots of dancing and captivating emotions!

Tsveti and Svetlio will take care of the mood in the way they can influence best: with music and songs.

Пиано бар Синатра Варна

Онлайн резервации петък и събота между 21:00 - 00:00 часа не могат да бъдат осъществени. В този период резервация може да направите на посочения телефон: +359 88 610 1078